Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kenya has a National ICT Policy Document

As an extension to my earlier post one eLearning policy, I have come across a National ICT Policy document for Kenya that recognise eLearning:


The lack of a policy framework on e-learning has hampered its development and utilisation. In this regard, there is need to:
a) Provide affordable infrastructure to facilitate dissemination of knowledge and skill through e-learning platforms;
b) Promote the development of content to address the educational needs of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions;
c) Create awareness of the opportunities offered by ICT as an educational tool to the education sector;
d) Facilitate sharing of e-learning resources between institutions;
e) Promote centres of excellence to host, develop, maintain and provide leadership of better learning resources and implementation strategy;
f) Exploit e-learning opportunities to offer Kenyan education programmes for export; and
g) Integrate e-learning resources with other existing resources.
I am also studying the Kenya's National Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategy for Education and Training. These are two lengthy documents that I will take a couple of days to read - and raise my issues here. But, my question still remain...what next after these well crafted policies?


Anonymous said...
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Emmaconn said...

So where are these policies for Kenya, your link for National ICT policy and that other one for education and training don't open...

Emmaconn said...

Blog owner, This is not meant for posting and just suggesting, it would be nice if there was a link to take me back to the home page after i have posted a comment.

James Kariuki said...

Seems like the whole site is down. Please keep checking www.information.go.ke