Thursday, November 02, 2006

A guide to paper work.

This is a brief guide to inform all of the people who would care to know what it entails to get a student visa in South Africa. It is just paperwork that can sometimes get into your nerves.

The obvious:
A passport valid ore than 30 days after the expiry of the intended study permit.
R425 or $47 or its equivalent (if you are passing through an agent, add some more $$$)
For the under-18s proof of guardianship and its transfer thereof.

The easy to get
1. The police clearance (Certificate of Good Conduct) from CID headquarters.
2. Us$ 600 or R3030 or its equivalent as repatriation fees, just in case there is need to deport you.
3. Letter of acceptance from the institution you intend to study in.
4. The course outline
5. The fees outline of the intended course.
6. Full medical certificate and radiological report.

The not-so-easy to get
1. Proof of financial means to support you through the intended period of study.
2. Proof of medical cover for the period you are in SA.
3. The application forms.

Its a document driven process and you should not laugh if you find someone asking to get the signature of your dead great grandfather on one of the forms.

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Vincent said...

Looks like being in SA is costly. Anyway maybe we try the shoertcut and marry a South African and we get a greencard for being a citizen