Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where do we go from here?

I have been keenly observing and reading what bloggers have predicted for eLearning in 2007. With all the predictions, or at least the ones I have set my eyes on, what struck me is that there was nothing new. At no one time, during my reading did I stop to think...aha...! This is a new idea, I have not heard of it!
  • From the use of open education resources to the use of games in education.
  • From the need for staff retention, training and retraining using eLearning to the mourning of lack of necessary skills for eLearning development.
  • From the growth of new online universities to the transformation of traditional universities.
  • From the use of outsourced learning materials to the use of in-house developed materials.
  • From use of new words to explain what has always been to just repeating the song - maybe in a different tune - you all know that we are better than me.
So, have we reached the end to eLearning or we are just laying in waiting for the Next Big Thing?

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