Monday, October 30, 2006

I am an eLearning Fundi

Why the name Fundi?

Fundi is a Zulu and Swahili word for an expert or specialist or a skilled craftsman. I have been in eLearning, in the context of Higher Educaiton both in the Kenya and South Africa. I have worked in many eLearning projects, and being a strong believer in my potential, I thing I rightly deserver the title eLearning Fundi. I believe that eLearning specifically in Higher Education in Africa is a reality that has come, that cannot be lightly wished off, that will test a Universities future success in terms of reaching out wider and newer markets. The sooner the Higher Learning institutions adopt and implement eLearning the better their chances for the future.

So what do the Higher Education institutions need to do? Lets engage in a creative discussion that would answer this question or more.


Lari said...

Fundi, I am here a gain "Lari". One thing that I have been struggling to do is to be an E-learning GURU.The last 3years I have been trying to find my way into E-learning content publishing through research.Frankly you are the other Kenyan I have 'met' that has the passion for edutainment.E-learning revolution is going to pour on Kenya more than El-nino rains. There is going to be temporary resistance to change before the change clears it's way and render people irrelevant. This is what I have been telling most Educational Institutions.

a)Tell me about Chesimba?
b)Is Open Source the way to go?
I will be here daily.
Thank you

James Kariuki said...

Hi Lari,
Chisimba is an application development framework written in PHP. From Chisimba, there are a number a cocktail of systems that you can achieve by mixing the modules(or adding writing new one one). On notable application is the KEWL3 used for eLearning. (others are CMS, bulletin boards, online presentations etc)

On the Open Source question, that is definitely the way to go. I am sure there is a post on this blog on Open Source that you can find more information. Feel free to contact me though if you need more of that.